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Welcome to mining platform

Starting Jan 31, 2024:
 Solana Satoshi claimed from faucet
 Solana Satoshi claimed from miners
How to start earning SOLANA

Two secure ways of mining:
- Launch the below pad (CPU Mining, very slow)
- Download our miner (XMR STACK tested with Eset32 Antivirus), set up and wait
(See instructions below, GPU Mining, very fast)

Everything operating normal (update 01-22 06:00 GMT)
The miner (download) is not available for phones. Just desktops !
Use this board to report bugs
How much do I get mining with my GPU ?...
Presently testing the soft with a GTX 1070 Ti
Gets me 120.000 hashes per minute.
Find the Miner (here) !
Instructions to install the miner
Want to mine faster ?
1- login (you probably did on entering this page)
2- Download our miner here :
(XMR STACK tested with Eset32 antivirus)
3- Launch xmr-stak

When launched, the software will ask you a few questions:
4-1- Use simple method? (y/N) y
4-2- Please enter the currency that you want to mine: cryptonight_gpu
4-2- pool adress:
4-3- Username: SK_q2ikCTHcig7LFQy2sMEc3.
4-4- Password: x
4-5- Does this pool port support TLS/SSL?: N
Keep the software running and look at your hashes dropping on the board
Just be patient as it can take up to 15 minutes for your balance to update with this miner.

NOTA: any Monero Miner will do as long as you follow the above steps ;)
Instructions for the Faucet
1- login (you probably did on entering this page)
Warning: without prior login
faucetpay won't be able to pay
2- click here or on top banner YPIKAY FAUCET
Hey, I don't see my mining bonus...
Bonus is only on webmining (using the blue board)
If you use the Miner (download) the bonus is straight in.
Withdraw bug fixed!
You can withdraw mining funds...
If you mine over 250.000 Hashes, you get